NHA launches the Unified Health Interface Initiative

Join UHI Open Protocol Project Github at https://tinyurl.com/UHI-Open-Protocol
Develop Open Protocols to enable digital services for the UHI network
Collaborate to refine and launch your Open protocol to transform digital health

Beyond UHI, the community is encouraged to build further on ABDM in the form of new innovations and building blocks by collaborating here.

What is the Unified Health Interface?

UHI is envisioned as an Open Protocol for various digital health services. UHI Network will be an open network of End User Applications (EUAs) and participating Health Service Provider (HSP) applications. UHI will enable a wide variety of digital health services between patients and health service providers (HSPs) including appointment booking, teleconsultation, service discovery and others

For further details read: UHI Consultation Paper , UHI Paper Synopsis , UHI explained in layman language

How will UHI be built?

NHA encourages the open source community to develop 'Open Protocol' to enable digital health services through the UHI Network. On a regular basis, NHA will adopt major versions of UHI and deploy them on the UHI Gateway, which will be operated and maintained by NHA.

Understanding UHI

*Development work in this regard will be subject to a governance framework to be defined